What Jamie Foxx Tattoo On Head Meaning

Jamie foxx tattoo to be the most shocking news about skin art. Then what is the real news about him. As we all know Jamie Foxx is an actor, singer and comedian who won an Oscar.

jamie foxx tattoo on his head

In the movie “Ray” he’s successful role as Ray Charles had worn fake tattoos before. In fact there are pictures all over the internet she was covered in tribal designs, but the goal of the art skin is one of his music videos.

With the realism that comes with tattoos modern theater, and the prevalence of tattoos just for fashion. Of course, it’s not uncommon to see a sports celebrities have fake tattoos.

Many of them have to do it for the character in TV or movies. But now a celebrity finds himself the focus of “him or not?” The debate on whether the tattoo is real or not. With some people believe it is a design shaved into his hair. This is the debate when people ask me if the tattoo is real or not.

To show his tattoos certainly should shave his head. And it’s clear there is no visible black ink on the back of his head. His newest appearance show off the bald head tattooed that much has been confirmed. And the moment at 40th anniversary he gets a real tattoo. On the back of his head Jamie foxx tattoo has tribal style that runs almost from ear to ear just below the crown.


Questions about Jamie foxx tattoo

What got people really will be the last performance with the entire head tattooed? Some people claim tattoos are real, but his spokesman said the elaborate tattoo designs associated with filming her new movie with Jennifer Aniston.

Jamie foxx tattoo

In the end there is a very simple way to figure this out: just wait. Either Jamie foxx tattoo design will remain the same, or they will be lost. The latest appearance he looks different. That’s just because of the changing of his hair. Yes, he does the hair transplant.

In this case there were several questions, or guesses about it. In fact there are some assumptions, which his ink may try to cover the scars line surgery. But, all is not necessarily correct guesses like that. Due the skin art is a mystery to those who see it.

Hair transplant leave scars which is thin line on his skin head. This skin art may help to cover it scars. Whatever tattoo design you can make like Jamie Foxx tattoo. He has a lot of tribal tattoo on his body part.