Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs

Sugar skull tattoo designs are funny and cute tattoo. It has a smiling face and often added with bright color of flowers it’s around. This is really not to be scary skull anymore. One thing that unique; it doesn’t need to perfect shape.

Purple Sugar Skull Tattoo Designs

There are many of them are portraits of people with Dia de los muertos face. This face paint is applied to make the face look like a skull. The dark areas painted around the eyes. It is to create the illusion of empty eye sockets. The nose is paint with the dark color.

Old School  Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

This is the way to give the impression of the nasal passages of the skull. Their teeth can be painted on the lips. Sometimes add with flowers or lace on the forehead. Everything almost cute blends in it shape. That’s really like sweet candy smiling.

Sugar skull tattoo designs types

Dia de los muertos or the Day of the Dead is Mexican holiday. On the November 1st and 2nd they celebrate for the dead people they loved to. The Mexican believes that day when the heaven is open; and the dead allowed visiting their family. During that two day they paint their face with the skull make up.

Mexican Sugar Skull Tattoo Ideas

This sugar skull tattoo designs types often have a feminine style. It’s become far from scary image. With the bright color of cute ornaments, the oval shape it will be eye catching tattoo. Often it looks cartooned style, the floral accents and paisley shapes. Or you can find them with hearts, stars and diamonds.

Sugar skull tattoo designs adornments

The Flowers are a common adornment in sugar skulls. Marigold is the most flowers that used with the sugar skull adornment. This flower called as the flower of the dead. If you want to tattoo designs keep traditional, marigold flower is the right choice.

Sugar Skull Owl Tattoo Designs

Sugar skull tattoo designs for men often in realistic shape. They loved to look more masculine. It could be a spider webs and cartoon style with decorative color. The designs for men are usually in large size. But women prefer to small size and cute to see.

Sugar Skull And Roses Tattoos Designs

Since it is a unique and versatile tattoo, you are free to adorn it as your personal style. You can put in your body as you need. The blend of death and beauty of sugar skull tattoo designs will create a contrasting symbolism.