Star Tattoos Designs And Meaning

Star tattoos designs associated with wishes, dreams and ambitions. It is an expression people to aim high in life and work hard. And then achieve their ambitions and goals.

Star Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs Women

When we was in childhood wishing upon a star is a part of the magic. They grant it magical powers make their wishes and dreams come true. We have been heard the quote reach for the stars. This is for inspiration and spirits in life.

Pretty Star Tattoo Designs For Girls On Hand

There are many kinds star tattoos designs for you to choose as skin art. It could be getting in traditional but it has never lost its appeal. There is a nautical star that associated with the sea. You don’t necessary to be a sailor to wear this tattoo. No matter men or women you are can get this tattoo.

Just sure with star tattoos designs

Most people who loved to tattoo enthusiasts choose these designs. They choose it with both personal reasons; its meaning and beauty. Such as it meaning, this is chosen by men and women.

Star Sleeve Tattoo Designs Men

You have to decide which designs you want to get inked on your skin. The most popular designs are the shooting star. It shapes quiet cute and unique. This is represents your dream. You can get it with color or just in black one.Great Star Tattoos Pictures Quotes

Star tattoos designs can be incorporated with other symbols. You can choose flames or a tribal as it background. You can asked to the artist which is that fit to you. The tattoo artist can be done as you want to be lovely stars.

Kind of star tattoos designs

Lucky stars designs are have five points. Each point is represents a part of the human body. The head is in the top side and the arms in the center side. The two points at the bottom are representing as human legs. This is often portrayed with a simple five pointed star.

Nice Star Tattoos Designs On The Foot

The hexagram is a six sided star. It could be called as Star of David or the Star of Wicca. This hexagram is use for who practice Paganism. But you can get it even you are not a follower of it; just for skin art.

Shooting stars have meaning to be the lucky like magical stars. It moves across the night sky. This stars look like fireworks in the dark sky. This design can be done in small size, so it will look cute of star tattoos designs.