Rihanna's New Tattoo

Rihanna’s New Tattoo As Her Spirit Reason

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Rihanna new tattoo becomes new hot topics in this week. It is just because she got it in traditional Polynesian tattoo. The procedure is using chisel and mallet. It has been as the traditional tool for tattoos.

Rihanna New Tattoo

We can see how painful during inked progress is on her two minute video. But she just can grimace to feel it. This is really different skin art that has been she had before. As we know she had a lot of inked on her body. All that it was done with modern inked. But this skin art is quiet in traditional way at all.

Rihanna new tattoo was done by October, 8th. At that time she travels to New Zealand. There, she decides to get her right hand marked with local type of skin artwork. This is to remember her trip to Auckland for the diamond tour.

Rihanna new tattoo and the first inked

Rihanna often spent of time hang out in tattoo shops. She is doing it with friends and sometimes with no friends, even no security. The ink has been addicted her. That’s we know as she has been got 19 tattoos on her body. But she may still have been search for it next time.

Rihanna's Tattoo On Her Hand

The first tattoo she got is the in her left foot, two music notes. Those are a treble clef and the sixteenth note. This was done some time in 2006 inspired by her starting career in the music industry. Another one of her first inked is a Pisces sign. This ink is behind her right ear. Pisces sign was done after music notes design.

All her ink always has each meaning. So do with her traditional tattoo. It is believe for the spiritual cleansing as for the abusive she got. She thinks it needs to be cleaning out of her entire life. Rihanna new tattoo is the last inked that inspired by her ex Chris Brown.