Miss America Tattoo Controversy

Miss America tattoo become the trending news in everywhere. This is like breaking the stereotype of the contests. Due to the stage she does not hide it when the contest took place. Her tattoo become inspiring the other contestants not to hide it as in the previous year. Miss America Tattoo

Who is she? She is Theresa Vail from Kansas. She wears the red bathing suit and her tattoo look so different looks in the body. She walks along the stage so confident with the skin art. This is like the way how the skin art become classy.

Shows a tattoo is a very bold step. She is said that she wanted people to see her not just because of her ink but saw herself. This is really breaking the entire stereotype as before. In the previous contest no one dared to show a skin art while on stage, although it was a very small tattoo.

Miss America Tattoo and the Feminist Movement

Along with the rise of the feminist movement, women are free to make tattoos. They want to express what they are and themselves to the society. They no longer hide the tattoos on exposed body parts for reasons of modesty. That’s why Miss America tattoo would not try to hide anymore.

Theresa Vail wants people see her not just because of the ink but look more inside her. Miss America tattoo may be a part of the new feminist movement. Women free to express what they are feeling by the skin art attached in her body.

Miss America Tattoo Means

Theresa Vail is a sergeant of Army National Guard. She is hopeful to show the two tattoos she has. Her eyes catching ink is the serenity prayer tattoo at the right side long torso. It means looking for peace and offering strength of life. Vail get this ink with the reason just because she was bullied. This is gave her the strength at that time.

The other one on the left shoulder is insignia of the United States Army. What is the meaning of it? It is the military emblem that worn on her army uniform. It was inspired by her father that influent her to the dental carrier in military.

She wrote on the blog that she don’t want the nation get shock to her in swimsuit, bearing her marks but she want to explain the reason and meaning behind it. That’s why she is opting to show proudly. She was not the winner at that contest but her skin art get her more popular as Miss America Tattoo.