Miley Cyrus Has Yellow Cat In Her Lips

Miley New Tattoo 2014 In Her Lips

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Look at Miley new tattoo is unique and cute design. She posted her new tat on social media Instagram on 14 March 2014.

Miley Cyrus Has Yellow Cat In Her Lips

Her brand new tattoo is yellow sad kitty. Whether any significance but it looks beautiful because the basic concept of this design is a kitty, the cat is a cute animal. She makes it on the inner lips. This design looks cute and pretty on the lips Mely; could you think of to do the same thing?

Of course, this is an incredible sensation to anyone if she made a tattoo on the lips. Tattoos like this are rarely used because of troublesome when doing it. However, it does not mean that is not possible, but you can see it.

Short Story Miley New Tattoo On Her Body

Miley Cyrus has been has 22 tattoos around the body. People said; once you got an ink then you want have more and more. Therefore, this is like an addict. Whatever people say, this is a skin art.

Look At Miley New Tattoo In Her Lips

Miley inked her skin at 17 years old. She got this permission by her father considering he inked himself. Trace Cyrus as her half brother also got tattoos. That is why she was tattooed too.

“Just Breathe” was the first inked on left side of Miley rib cage. It was revealed in December 2009. This tattoo is tribute to her late friend Vanessa. Friend will always be friend.

Miley Cyrus Have Tattoo On Right Ear

The second tattoo is the word LOVE. She places it on the inside of right ear. This Miley new tattoo at that time means she wants to hear only a positive thing. LOVE could be a positive meaning for Miley’s mind.

She also got portrait tattoo on her arm. This is looking so vintage image. Loretta Finley’s portrait got inked on her skin. This woman is her beloved grandmother. Look at her grandmother face; she looks like Marilyn Monroe.

When the needle touches your bottom of feet, you will feel very painful. However, what you will see on Miley’s feet. She was getting it with cool. The tattoo word Rolling Stone get there. That is awesome than Miley new tattoo.

Image Credit @mileycyrus