Koi Tattoo Designs And Meaning

Koi tattoo designs become one of the most popular trends in the world of skin art. The bright colors are very symbolic. It’s beautiful blend in one mysterious at the same time. This designs most suitable for men and women.

Koi Fish Full Back Tattoo Designs

With this design you can make it for the symbolism, full power and movement skin art. Because koi fish is contain the meaning. For whom considering this tattoo to their body, you better to know what the meaning and the symbolism behind it.

Koi tattoo designs symbolism

Koi can swim to the upstream. It is a symbol of strength, struggle, power and ability to cope with the possibility of life. This fish is also a symbol of courage and strength of unity in the family. That’s why there are many people loved to koi tattoo designs as their choice.

Koi Tattoo Designs Half Sleeve

Koi is the great fish as the Japanese and Chinese believe. It is so popular around the tattoo world. Not only for the entire of the both Japanese and Chinese but all over the world thrilled to have it as their skin art.

Koi Fish Tattoo Designs On Back

According to the Japanese, it represents a man symbol. This fish can climb the water fall strongly. They just lay down on the cut board as like face the death bravely. That’s what as samurai soul.

Koi tattoo designs idea

Koi designs typically for men. They get it on their shoulders or calf. While for women they prefer to get it as a lower back tattoo. There are a few of the also put them as full back tattoos. With more of a tradition Asian touch design.

Koi Tattoo Designs For Girls

The colors of red, white, black, gold and yellow would be applicable. The thing to remember is that Koi design needs a right place on your body. This is for an honor reason as it meaningful tattoo. Do not put it wherever as you want or your ink will be looks weird and no meaning.

Koi Fish Tattoo Arm Designs

Try to add fresh water as the background. Make it as water splashes around the colorful fish. The mixture color of Koi tattoo becomes very important element. The color scheme will be the best if you can integrate with the skin color.

If you really want to make it perfect skin art, try to notice this; if you have a dark or olive skin color you will be suitable to choose a bright hue. So Koi tattoo designs to more visible.