Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition

Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition | Forum Tattoo Indonesia exhibition

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Coming soon, we will expose an Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition. This event was held in Yogyakarta of Indonesia country. I’d like to see it if have a time. There are with the theme Forum Tattoo Indonesia exhibition. The event is planned to be held periodically at least once a year. Actually this is the second event since an existing of Forum Tattoo Indonesia these group held gathering. The first event ever held in Klaten, Central Java on Dec 07 2014 with the theme of Gathering Forum Tattoo Indonesia.

Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition

According to the sources we received of Indonesian tattoo exhibition committee; and then we had a survey on some Group on Facebook. It cannot be denied that forum Tattoo Indonesia are the largest group of social media (Facebook). There are among many tattoo lovers and tattoo artist. It has had more 45,000 members. This figure is quite impressive to hold Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition. Those from among tattoo art lovers joined, so until today the number of members increased.

Forum Tattoo Indonesia is a group that based on community and discussions. They also upload some tattoo there. There all members can discuss about tattoo, piercing and body modification. And in the next event of Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition, they’d played as a contest. This group found by a tattoo artist who came from Surabaya named Göes Tattòó. Then He asked some friends to manage its group, they are Tattòó known as Be, Andi Doengka, Aryz inxslave, Lois Nur Fathiarini, Griya Tatu and Arief Tretes Art.

This group is created as a place for gather and shares each other about tattoo. They will come in the Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition. We see them on November. All the members are not just tattoo artists. There are also including tattoo lovers, models and body modification artists, etc. They are all available to be here without any coercion or pay.

Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition

In this year, on November 26 and 27 2016, the Community of Forum Tattoo Indonesia will joint with Sahid J-Walk management (a brand new mall in Yogyakarta) will get an Indonesia Tattoo Exhibition. I think it’s a good partnership. There will be a coaching clinic (seminar). Mean is a discussion about SOP’s (standar operasional prosedur – red: Indonesian) tattoo, tattoo war or tattooing competition. And the last is tattoo contest. They call it as Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition.


Where the results of the contest later be chosen some winners. It’s good. Winner must be complying with themes that have been determined by the tattoo exhibition committee. This Tattoo War will be made a little different from most previous events. In previous event they are only competing one theme.

In this Indonesian Tattoo exhibition will get 8 theme of championship. Here will be choosing the number 1 and 2 winner in every theme. For additional of the winner will be choose 1 as runner up. This event will choose 1 the best winner as the SOP’s Tattoo criteria.

All the tattoo war result will show up on the stage in Tattoo Show time. This session will make the growth of Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition. All the tattoo artists will show the entire tattoo their created during tattoo war. The judge will give the points for them. Every category will be chosen as the tattoo show winner.

The Purpose of Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition

This event based on vision and mission for further of Forum Tattoo Indonesia in the next. They hope will be having a positive things leaving there. On the other hand, the positive effects will get by the entire contestant. During coaching clinic (seminar) all the contestant will lead to discuss everything about tattoo.

Especially for good and right SOP’s tattoo will be discuss fully within Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition. In order all the tattoo Artists could be share their knowledge, experience, and the tattoo artists know how the good, right. And more can be responsible to their art for further. Not just responsible for the procedure of before tattooing process but know how to tattoo cares.

Thus, with the held a series of events Forum Tattoo Indonesia Exhibition will be able to give a positive impact for lovers of the tattoo and skin art practitioners. I think it’s pretty good. From now, until the Indonesian Tattoo Exhibition took place, will be covering the event through our representative in Indonesia.