Geisha Tattoo Japanese Tattoo Designs

In recent years, the question for me, why geisha tattoo is so popular among lovers of ink. I learned this after numerous articles that have occurred with the rise of it all. And this case makes me much more to learn about basic Japanese culture associated with this design.

Geisha Tattoo Black And White

This awakening is very clear, because the Japanese artwork can be very beautiful. This might be if you are a woman interested in Japanese tattoo designs. And here I will try to clarify the reason why the geisha is so cool for a tattoo. To that end, here are some tips that will help you with your choice.

Understanding the geisha tattoo

Before I write all that there is, maybe we can learn from Japanese history. I wrote here the last few decades, many young Japanese men who are not related to gangs have been getting tattoos. They make geisha tattoo more and more mainstream.

Best Japanese Geisha Tattoo

It is very real, the men and women of all ages started to get Japanese tattoo designs. This is different from the gangsters who get the ink to mark their chosen lifestyle. Of course this is not a choice each person and each person has different options.

Geisha in back tattoos for girls

In addition, many associated with this designs. Perhaps the most famous flower in Japan, cherry blossom is admired for its beauty. Even the Samurai would admire this flower and write poems about it. So in the end, many women are choosing to get cherry blossom tattoos.

Why must choosing geisha tattoo

You can see Japanese tattoo designs, men and women both can use geisha as their skin art. They look very classy, as this is more than just “pin up” models. Geisha is a cultured woman trained to carry the traditions of the Japanese culture.

Geisha Girl Tattoo Ideas

They are all beautiful, intelligent and have outstanding talent. They are taught to play an instrument, singing, dancing and pour tea with perfection. Basically geisha is a very talented entertaining.

Geisha on fists tattoo

You can see, so many tattoos depict Samurai Geisha sitting facing one another and drinking tea. It’s very elegant for a tattoo design (at least in Japan). Therefore, if you want to show the image of women as part of your tattoo, then you can consider the geisha tattoo designs.