Blue Chinese Dragon Tattoo For Men

Cool Chinese Dragon Tattoo Designs

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Lately, many people choose Chinese dragon tattoo to adorn their skin. But when we consider based on mythological creatures, this is not surprising. Here are some types dragon designs that you might want to consider for next tattoo.

Chinese dragon tattoo designs for women

Overall, tattoo designs for men and women are equal. Most of the designs also look great on a woman’s body so that they use it for feminine tattoos, you should not be surprised about this. Women were meant to have a feminine nature.

Some people would say that they look better on women than men because of the way this tattoo has a more dynamic. So this design can be longer, and equally in all parts of the body.

Some women opt for the baby dragon look for their tattoo. Can you imagine how cute cartoon tattoos in look like this. But many women are more likely to choose a classic design.

Black Chinese dragon tattoo

By far the most popular are simple black ink dragon tattoos, although many also colored. Classic tattoo in this style uses a minimum number of lines and is a very simple tattoo. This is a tribal style is much preferred at this time.

This motif also popular called as tribal Chinese dragon tattoo. The word “tribal” when used for tattoos usually refers to the Maori style of solid sections of black ink interspersed with solid sections of white ink.

Even those black ink tattoos with greater detail look great when describing this object. Each scale being pulled and curved pose makes for an intricate looking tattoo.

Where should be placed?

Many people get Chinese dragon tattoo placed on their upper arm. But sometimes they also put on their legs or chest.

When this is applied to the women, there will never be a problem if in pairs on foot. But it is different if it is for men, because men are always hairy legs at the bottom. Because of this, the most popular websites in the top of the leg is the thigh, the outer surface.

This location for it is great because usually do not stop at the top of the foot. Often, the head and upper body of the dragon will extend to the sides of the torso or to the front of the torso or under or passing the belt line. This can also be extended to the inside of the thigh.

This is considered a powerful creature and yet wise and not seen as a threat to humanity or something to be feared. So, This Chinese dragon tattoo has great meaning in East and Southeast Asia.