Cleveland Tattoo Convention 2018

The 3rd Cleveland Tattoo Convention is the most significant body art event held each year. We saw the last three times. A lot of the best tattoo artists in Cleveland are involved in this game. It took place at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center, Ohio. This year is the third event on 19, 20 and 21st January 2018. For three days at the weekend, we can visit and saw most sessions.

3rd Annual Cleveland Tattoo Arts Convention

The Villain Art is the promoter of this event. And they chose a place in Cleveland Convention Center 300 Lakeside Ave as the venue of it. Cleveland tattoo convention presents many national and international artist tattoos. I know this is not a small job. Of course, they also involve a lot of workers and a wide range of trades related to skin art.

Cleveland tattoo convention 2018 presents many national and international artist tattoos. Hundreds of artists, even old and young have come to show their skill. They have socialized in a real tattoo war audience. Beside they meet somebody modification lovers there. Keep cares for them! There are many genres, style, and any creative thing related to art appearing at this event.

Peoples who want the ink, piercing and need merchandise going to the Cleveland tattoo convention. Among this event, peoples can see tattooing process, body piercing, how to and what to do about the body modification. It’s good. All it includes artists, live entertainment, seminars, contests and special guests. Every day, it can see the 3rd annual Cleveland event is just $20/day or $40 for a 3-day pass. But kid less than 12 years old gets free.


Cleveland Tattoo Convention Entertainment

There are many celebrities come. Yeah, this is the highlight of the show I love. We can see The Enigma who has body modifies. He has been doing horn extension; reshape ear and multiple body piercing. He is doing sideshow, actor, musician and the excellent performer. For the photos, you can see here.

Another one is Robert Lasardo, a tattoo TV celebrity who meets and greet at the Cleveland tattoo convention. He appears with his most significant fans in public, pose for pictures. And he was signing, of course. The entertainments not only about the tattoo but we can see burlesque aerialist, and sideshow with its performers. We can see a beautiful Aerialist Hell Cat Penny on her stage.

This Cleveland tattoo convention contest has hundred best skin art results as the winner. There are some categories such as; color, placing, and show. Every contest category takes three winners, and it goes to local tattoo artists mostly. They are the Best tattoo artist in Cleveland Ohio!

Yes, everything has gone well. By this 3rd Cleveland tattoo convention, 2018 everything is satisfied. We can see how enthusiast people with this annual. At least, tattoo event is becoming everything. It can be art, cultures, business, and entertainment. Best wishes next!