Cheryl Cole’s Tattoo On Lower Back

Cheryl Cole’s Tattoo deserves to be hot news this week. Due the tattoo designs that meets her lower back to invite the public opinion. It was a rare experience performed by a female singer in general of the world. It is known to the public when a tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado uploads them to instagram on the 24th August.

Cheryl Cole's tattoo. Photograph: nikkohurtado - Instagram
Cheryl Cole’s tattoo. Photograph: nikkohurtado – Instagram

Cheryl Cole’s choice is very brave, because this just not a body painting. This is a permanent ink that could have been there all her life. Need needles to embed ink for entire skin must be colored. You can think that if the ink is performed for 15 hours at a very sensitive part of the body for women. It’s not a regular thing. It takes physical and mental preparation to do it.

Cheryl Cole’s Tattoo In Public Opinion

This is the skin art that could invite the opinion of contemporary society. Maybe Cole wants to prove that the ink is no longer dominated by men at this time. At least it runs almost more than 15 years. Angelique Houtkamp Vogue a tattoo artist from the UK has proved this in 2008. Of course this is a long-developing trend in western culture since the development of old school style. But Cheryl Cole’s Tattoo has a different style or design of it.

Cole has created a new sensation in the art skin for women. I see a mix of Japanese and new school styles on her skin art designs. Striped look roses, but there is a background of that tend such as Japanese style. There are many shades of soft dark wrapped her lower back. So it looks that the work done by a tattoo artist who right choice.

Cheryl Cole’s Tattoo Artist

When we see a portrait attached in skin, now peoples will know Nikko Hurtado. He is the tattoo artist that based at California, located in Hesperia. He specializes inked the skin with color portraiture. Black Anchor Collective is the name of his cult studio. Hurtado do all his skin art there.

Like the existing works on Cole is one of his perfect. No one if she chose to finish her skin art. Making a big history is task for artists. And now evident that Cheryl Cole’s Tattoo is a controversial art work.