Tattoos of Cancer Ribbons With Wings

Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs Recommended

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Cancer ribbon tattoo designs can be an awesome alternative if you are currently looking for a design of tattoo. Decision about get a tattoo or not is surely a hard one since there are a lot of bad stigma about tattoo.

Tattoos of Cancer Ribbons With Wings

People outside still have bad opinions about tattoo. They think that people who has tattoo in their body is rebellious and trouble maker people. Tattoo is identified as one of the bad symbol for much kind of people.

This is not surprising, because in the past, tattoo used as a mark to criminals and killers. In some country in the past decades, the rich people will had a tattoo done on their slaves to mark them as their properties.

Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs as Alternatives

Cancer has many colors of ribbon. For each types of cancer, there is available one color. Get this cancer ribbon as the design for your tattoo is definitely a wise choice.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Anchor Tattoo

The cancer ribbon tattoo designs was originally worn by the survivor of cancer and people who involved in this deseas. It such as the doctor and nurse who treat the patient. But, this ribbon now can also be worn by ordinary people.

The cancer ribbon is available to help us spread the awareness of the cancer itself. By providing lots of color variation, it is mean to give each type of cancer a special way to raise the awareness of it.

Pink Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs

The cancer ribbon also exists to boost the fighting spirit of the patient with cancer. With cancer ribbon tattoo designs, patient with cancer will know that they are not alone in this world and many people still give support for them to fight against the cancer.

If the patients with cancer have the fighting spirit, they may get recovered from the cancer and become a survivor. But if they are losing hope, then it will be difficult for them. With wearing or get a cancer ribbon tattoo designs into your skin, you will also honor they who passed away in their battle against cancer.

It will also give the rest of their family a new courage to face the life without their beloved one who has been passed away. The family will receive the courage from the cancer ribbon, as it reminds them that they are not the only one who has that kind of fate.

Cute Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs

Choose the Color of Cancer Ribbon Tattoo Designs

Currently, there are 28 colors of the cancer ribbon available. The color that is the most widely used is the lavender ribbon. The lavender ribbon has the highest popularity because the lavender represents the color of all kind of cancer. The second mostly use is the pink cancer ribbon tattoo designs.

Cancer Awareness Ribbon Tattoo Designs

The pink ribbon is the ribbon for breast cancer. Recently, the promotion to raise awareness of breast cancer has been increased rapidly, so this pink ribbon gets more popularity. There is also teal ribbon for ovary cancer.

You can also choose to get the plum color ribbon to honor the caregivers. No matter what color that you choose, getting cancer ribbon tattoo designs to be done on your skin is definitely an awesome idea.